Some Housekeeping

In addition to a new database this blog also features an entirely new design that was cobbled together like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein.  I want to take this time to thank the various sources of creative content I used to put this monstrosity together.

First, the theme is built on Viala by David Garlitz.  I’ve taken a hatchet to it, but the layout inspiration was exactly what I needed.

Second, the “Wandering Jew” image, which is a reproduction of the original image by Gustave Doré, and is thankfully in the public domain because it is exactly what I wanted and I could never have afforded to purchase it.

Third, the background image is from AbigelStock on deviantART.

The rest of this was assembled through painstaking labour which looked something like this…

Hazel hammers

I will also be re-posting some select articles from my old blog, mostly because I like them.

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