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Most of you already know about me to some extent, and I am a fairly open book.  Truth be told I have only two secrets, and will answer truthfully to any question about myself.  Fortunately I have the composure of someone who seems very closely guarded, so nobody ever really bothers to ask…

What you do need to know is that I am in my 30’s, politically conscious but not particularly politically active, gainfully employed in a job I enjoy with people I like, and I am devastatingly funny and handsome.  Now that last piece may seem like a boast but I assume you it isn’t; how else can you explain the wasteland of derelict friendships (including a few romantic relationships) that I have left in my wake?

I started this blog because I do like to think about (and talk) politics and current events, but by old website became burdened by its own legacy of false starts and idle promises.  It’s no secret (see, like I said, I only have two) that I am guilty of procrastination and that I occasionally lack follow-through, and my last blog was like an edifice to those weaker traits of mine.  In brief, I wanted a fresh start.  A more catchy domain name and a new database don’t hurt either.

Ok, back to me.  My interests are reflected (for the most part) by the content of this site, with Ultimate Frisbee being the notable exception.  My passions are limited and I don’t generally advertise them, but Ultimate Frisbee is definitely one of them.

As for my physical characteristics?  For the purposes of this website, lets just all assume that I am tall dark and handsome, shall we?

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