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Does this look infected to you (redux)?

I wrote this article on LinkedIN, and although I started it last March (and subsequently forgot about it), it has taken on a new meaning in recent months. It’s largely about how diversity is important in running a business, but it is no less true of governments…

Everything from someone’s race, religion, country of birth, gender, or any other element of their background will have a serious impact on their experiences, and ultimately in their perspective on how to solve general or specific problems. By including that diversity of perspective within leadership and decision making teams organizations open themselves to new approaches and solutions, and ultimately to better business outcomes.

Now, lets consider Donald Trump’s White House. Not a whole lot of diversity there. There are token appointments, but they are made from people who are inexperienced in the realms of their jurisdiction. People of colour? Beyond Ben Carson, who lies about his background so much that I’m not convinced that he is black and who again has no experience in his appointed department there’s no a whole lot of nothing. What’s apparent from looking at his high profile appointments and his political operatives is that he values loyalty and people who have similar perspectives and experience. This is a critical mistake, and one that we keep seeing play out in his disastrous administration.

The Donald Trump Presidency is a presidency built on (perceived) angry old rich white man problems, and the simple fact is that those are the problems that are going to get solved. Everyone who does not fall into that group is going to get burned, bigly.

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