New Years Resolutions, the easy way

Every year I set a few New Years resolutions that are both achievable and usually more ‘administrative’ than personal. This year is no exception, however I’ve also committed myself to a couple of more leisurely ones. Now, as most of you know, I’ve been an old man since long before I was even a young one, so I’m mindful of trying to prevent a narrowing of my horizons. To that end, I’ve resolved to do a couple of things this year.

  1. Read a new book each month
  2. Buy a new album each month

The first is pretty simple; I read quite a bit already, even if its just pulpy golden age science fiction, but I occasionally relapse into perusing old classics. So, this year I’m putting my foot down. With regards to music, I’m committing to actually buying (or otherwise legally acquiring) at least one new album of new music, from a new artist, each month. I’ve got a lot of crap on my playlist and some of it may need to be pruned, but I want to add some new stuff. As I do I’ll share what I’ve discovered.

And don’t worry, I’ll start griping about politics shortly.

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